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The Virtual Deal

The Virtual Deal
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Headquarters: United States, BUFFALO, New York
The Virtual Deal offers a range of virtual office support services in an economically sustainable way. At The Virtual Deal we are passionate about helping businesses with their office support needs with an added focus on lead generation, marketing and copywriting with a heavy touch on newsletter and blog management. Creating copy is what gets our juices flowing and late night creative collaboration sessions are what our dreams are made of! We are passionate about writing and connecting with YOU to find YOUR voice to always remain aligned with your mission and brand. We specialize in newsletter drafting and management, and believe that a kicka$$ newsletter that people will actually read, can foster the growth of your business, your network, and your brand! Let's schedule a time to discuss your mission and values so that we can learn how to help you grow your online community, nurture your leads, gain more followers, and scale!