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The Business Directory "WTO" built for Freelancers, NGOs, SME & Huge companies. "WTO" Business Register is a global provider of data on startups and tech ecosystems. Our mission is to accelerate entrepreneurship & innovation through data for governments, corporates and VCs, founders and more.

The "WTO" Business Register operates in all countries and helps businesses reach new customers globally. A "WTO" business profile is a tool for every company to create demand for their business.

How we're different

Good data is valuable by itself. Building an engaged community around that data is more valuable however. Data transparency has the power to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. It does so by inspiring people and enabling better decision-making. Rather than treating data as something to be hoarded, our mission is to support startup ecosystems.

This company register is advertised on huge number search engines and government websites worldwide. The WTO Register is a service which enables you to find companies with Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) specified by branch, city, country, service, name and not only.

How we collect data

We combine machine learning and data engineering with robust verification processes and a strong network of ecosystems. These days, companies grow from seed stage to unicorn within a few years. Therefore historical data is no longer enough. The next big thing can emerge from anywhere in the world, not just Silicon Valley or other established tech hubs.

Harvesting public info

We apply AI and algorithms to gather large quantities of data from public sources such as news, company filings, domain & trade registries, job boards, web and app store analytics, and investor portfolios among others

Robust verification & validation processes

Whether data is aggregated via AI or submitted by partners and users, we’ve always maintained extensive verification of data. This involves of team analysts, assisted by proprietary verification processes.

Multiple Locations

If you are an organization with multiple locations, you are welcome to enter up to 3 business locations at no charge. However, if you have more than 3 locations contact us: office @


Please note that our support team does not make alterations to any business listing.

Additions, Alterations and Deletions cannot be done over the phone or by email. Please use the links on the listings themselves to make changes.

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