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Headquarters: United States, San Diego, California
Laviathan was founded eleven years ago by Brock Gillespie. Brock is a San Diego native and was a Computer Science major and graduate from the University of California at San Marcos. Brock was also an aspiring musician who learned how to do web design by designing his own website for his music. When music did not work out in 2007, Brock realized that through this process he had become a skilled HTML expert. Just for fun, he started doing websites for friends and family and he really enjoyed it. It was then that he decided he wanted to do website design as a career. He then started doing simple websites for small businesses in the San Diego area. This grew over the years into a thriving business. Eleven years later Brock Gillespie and his team of skilled developers have completed over 500 websites. Brock prides himself on being a well-rounded creative person which flows into the design of his websites. Brock takes a “hands on” approach with every project that comes through Laviathan’s doors! If you would like t