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HV Recognition

HV Recognition
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: United States, New York, NY
HV Recognition is a boutique advertising firm providing customized messaging for corporations, banks, institutions and other organizations. There are any number of "gift", "award" or "recognition" companies -- commodity machines fueling a volume goal. HVR was launched knowing there's a better, more effective way and we challenged ourselves to be that solution. Across industries our approach is consistent -- deploy a more critical Vision in tandem with deep Creativity to consistently deliver greater Performance. HVR puts your branding ahead of touting our own accomplishments. Compare. Start with our site or this page -- we speak of challenging ourselves and accomplishing more together. Though initiated by those who led the evolution of the financial recognition industry, our message is about you and making a difference. HVR helps deliver your messages to targeted audiences through a variety of media, and among our specialties are acknowledging team, product, organizational and individual milestones, accomplish