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Headquarters: 1611 Pond Rd Allentown, PA 18017
At Ignite2X we are creating a new initiative not held hostage by the longstanding ways of agencies but rather inspired by a changed world and by a passion for making an impact for our client partners, making them and their consumers heroes. In today’s multi-channel market change is inevitable but hard. It takes speed to get there before the competition. It takes collaboration to get innovation. It takes empowering employees to get shared values. It takes a love of change to become a hero. In a word, embracing change takes courage. Power to the courageous! We help our clients grow their business, mostly by making the consumer want their product and motivating them to try it, buy it, or buy it more frequently. We use consumer insights to shape our strategy, because only the consumer can tell us what he/she really wants, and we use whatever messages or tactics work best to reach and influence the consumer and stimulate sales.