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Attractive Media

Attractive Media
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
We are a start-up media consulting company specializing in a wide range of services ranging from digital advertising and technology integration to data reporting & quality assurance. When working with our clients, we always prioritize project management techniques and efficient task processes that enable us to execute on project requirements. We also help our integrated clients with the creative, meticulously working as team to advance development of content, collateral curation, design, and digital marketing. Attractive.Media is comprised of seasoned professionals that are unambiguously dedicated to identifying your business challenges, completing due diligence scores, and even go as far as evaluating entire system platforms. In everything we do, we focus on making your customer’s experience like none other, so you can focus on maximizing your growth potential and service offering to attract new business. We believe technology is not just for today, but forever – so we integrate the core pillars of strategy,