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Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: South Africa, Vereeniging, Gauteng
Bunnypants has a unique name which people do not forget. The brand was launched in early 2004. This very unusual name was formed from co-owner and founder’s maiden surname: Haasbroek > Haas = Bunny and Broek = Pants > Bunnypants!! Bunnypants Logo has been cultural jammed from the PUMA brands logo as the Puma has been redesigned as a Bunny. Bunnypants is a Vaal Triangle-based graphic design and web development business committed to provide top quality designs and excellent service to our clients. We design without compromise and because we are equally strong in both design and technical disciplines, you will never have to compromise design for functionality, or functionality for design. We focus on designing solutions allowing our clients to communicate with their customers in ways that are holistic, disciplined and promote growth. By aligning all communications’ to the brand ensures the unique selling point is conveyed consistently, regardless of the media.