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YKEY - House Of Digital

YKEY - House Of Digital
Company state: Looking for business partners
Phone number:
Headquarters: Israel, Tel Aviv, tel aviv
Y us? It's simple ... We are the new generation, the graduates of the most respected academics in the field of digital marketing, who worked in the largest companies in the field of digital advertising- and we said to ourselves ... why not actually ?! We get up to work every day with a passion to do the best for our customers. We decided to take the digital world, that we strongly believe in, and blur the lines in a way that only we know ... our way! The way that will take your brand to the next level, reach all of your dreams, and achieve all of your business goals! We believe in the highest level of service experience by providing a smart, innovative, and fast solution to any problem or requirement you may have. Our approach is the personal approach, we treat every client as our friend. You need us. So, now... Did you get the Y?