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TheatreDNA Creative

TheatreDNA Creative
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
TheatreDNA Creative is a Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando based design company that creates Architainment Lighting, Media Design, Art Direction & Creative Concepts, Creative Direction, Performance Infrastructure or Production Design for live events, themed environments, or any project needing engaging visuals. Forged in the fire of decades of live performance experience, we bring a sense of theatricality, or our "TheatreDNA,"​ to every project we work on. We've been on the stage, in the wings, behind the console, making the pitch, next to the camera, and leading the creative concept meetings. No matter the creative task, we use our skills and experience to create environments that engage. We can work as part of a team bringing your vision to life, or as the creative force driving a project. ​ We also know how to provide the infrastructure; not just the art. We've designed permanently installed infrastructure for lighting, video, and performance machinery systems in some of the most demanding creative enviro