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Black Sheep Advertising

Black Sheep Advertising
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Adelaide, SA
If there’s a process in our business it might be; explore – discover – create. It means that we don’t presume to know the answers; sometimes we don’t even know the questions. But we do know that there is no definitive way to communicate with consumers. Successful communication isn’t just about running an ad, nor is it about slavishly chasing a crowd or creating ‘likes’. It is about doing what best serves our clients’ business objectives. We start by stepping off the path, seeing if there’s another way forward. Yes we need an objective but truly great communication, the stuff that is beguiling and seductive comes from discovering something. And our strongest discoveries are almost always about consumers; the things they love, the frustrations they don’t, the answers they find useful. So having a group of talented, inquisitive people of different ages, with different experiences is a great place to start. It’s an atmosphere filled with questions and the energy to uncover great answers. We want our clients to be