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StoryStudio Chicago Business Writing and Storytelling Training

StoryStudio Chicago Business Writing and Storytelling Training
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Headquarters: United States, Chicago, Illinois
Story Mode brings storytelling and creativity into the workplace—right where they belong. Whether we’re advising individuals, coaching whole teams, or captivating a crowd, we #RefuseToBeBoring. At the same time, we insist on getting real work done. As a result, our programs tend to go viral within organizations—sending positive waves through the culture, bringing people together, and expanding their skills. By teaching storytelling and improv together, we guide people to write, think, present, persuade, and engage in innovative conversations. We emphasize emotion, because clients and employees have feelings too; craft, because quality and consistency matter; physicality, because our bodies tell stories; and action, because sharing a message is about building relationships and creating conversations. And, we keep our eyes squarely on the audience. We adapt every Story Mode program to match the client’s appetite. You choose the focus (such as storytelling or presentation skills or leadership development), durat