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Headquarters: Roswell, GA
MSNI, Inc., is an Digital Marketing/Technology Firm that offers unique proprietary solutions such as our Email Listening Service as well as the following: > SmartConnect - Hotline Database Building Real-Time >SmartLinking - (For Social Media Marketing) >SmartValidate - Real-Time Email Validation Intelligence >SmartAppend - Email Appending, including SmartValidate >SmartIP - Flag those real, fake or international IP addresses using Real-Time intelligence. <​SmartReverseIP - For your website visitors >SmartResponder - Reach the "Gold"​ in your email database >SmartSender - Build custom white listed emails >SmartSocial - Target Facebook/Twitter Followers outside of Social >SmartE Marketing - Doing an email retargeting campaign based on demographics. <​SmartIP Dedicated - Dedicated IP set up for Marketing Campaigns. >Digital Listening Real-Time - Based on brands, keywords or specific fan page followers. This includes Google Adwords Listening without having to bid on the adwords. The above mentioned services can b