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Awaken Koala

Awaken Koala
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
The most inspiring ideas reveal themselves within our dreams. Koalas are known to sleep for up to 22 hrs a day, making them the world’s leading expert on dreams. We believe there is a dreaming Koala lying dormant within all of us. Let our creative network use their skills to Awaken your inner Koala and bring your dreams into reality. Awaken Koala is a network of highly skilled and creative professionals purposely driven to make a difference by enabling and empowering our community through creativity, fueling the next generation of creative entrepreneurs, and using our network and resources to deliver impactful and unique solutions for our clients both large and small. Distinguished by a combination of passion and commitment to craft Awaken Koala uses Trend Insight, Creative Brainstorming, and Rapid Prototyping to guide our clients down a creative path that leads to disruptive innovation. Our Koala community specializes in Content Creation/Curation, Brand Development, Product Design, Fast Moving Consumer Goods