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Rocketeer Productions

Rocketeer Productions
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Miami, Florida
We developed the first unique solution (of its kind) in addressing the biggest challenge of the virtual events industry today... Engagement. Our virtual reality interface can stream in multiple presenters from anywhere in the world into a live 3D interactive virtual environment. Thereby, putting the WOW back into any event, resulting in increased engagement levels, and the exceeding of event and company goals. All live. All Real-Time. All interactive. Any event. Whether it be a roundtable panel, training session, full blown conference, product launch, corporate town hall meeting, trade show, holiday party, investor meeting, and more. Rocketeer Productions is a new kind of Production Company, birthed in the heat of the 2020 Worldwide Pandemic. Rocketeer Productions is the merger of two cutting edge studios with over 40 years of combined production experience, stellar results, and a ton of awards under their belts. From Interactive Livestream support to producing content that resonates with your viewers, our fo