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Headquarters: New Orleans, LA
SilverFirst Inc knows that when it comes to building a lucrative marketing campaign here in La Nouvelle-Orléans, everything old is new again. We rely upon strategies so tried and true that they go back to 1718, our city's founding year. The concept is simple: we build relationships the old school way. How does it work? Big businesses hire us to complement their advertising strategies. We meet with their important local customers in New Orleans and the surrounding Southeastern market. Our cornerstone value is doing what's best, rather than what's easiest or most popular; and our viewpoint on advertising is reflected in this mentality. These days, everywhere you turn there's an ad trying desperately to capture your attention. Over the course of the last decade, the media noise has become progressively worse, which is not only irritating to consumers but frustrating to marketers. So what's a business to do? How can a company out-earn its competitors, let alone win a customer's attention for more than an instant?