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Custom Probiotics Inc.

Custom Probiotics Inc.
Company state: Looking for suppliers
Phone number: 8002198405
Headquarters: United States, California, Glendale, Glendale CA, USA
Other locations: USA
Custom formulation and supply of high potency probiotics

Harry Bronozian, a scientist and chemical engineer, founded CUSTOM PROBIOTICS Inc. in 1999. After years of experimenting with several probiotic supplements, Mr. Bronozian created his own multi-strain, high-potency probiotic blend. He found that H. Pylori was under control after utilizing his bespoke probiotic pill for a few months. After eight months of use, the endoscopy and biopsy results revealed that Mr. Bronozian had successfully eradicated H. Pylori from his system.Custom Probiotics Inc. creates and sells single and multi-strain probiotic supplements for adults and children that are of the highest caliber and extremely strong. Probiotic supplements are available from us in capsule and powder form. The probiotic bacteria concentrations per gram of probiotic powders at the expiration range from 100 to 400 billion per gram for the capsules. Strict Independent Laboratory Testing is used to ensure the probiotics in our products are of proven strength. Custom Probiotics is the top-selling probiotic brand and comes highly recommended by medical professionals, including doctors of medicine, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and pharmacists. It also offers a full line of probiotic supplements that are incredibly effective. We are confident that our probiotics will improve both children's and adults' health and wellness because they are backed by scientific research. By replenishing the gastrointestinal system, restoring a natural, healthy balance, and enhancing gut flora to keep you feeling your best, we hope to promote optimal health and improve human health. We work hard to create all-natural, high-potency probiotic supplements that restore the gastrointestinal tract's healthy equilibrium. Many health issues we encounter today are frequently brought on by unhealthy gut flora. Daily consumption of our probiotics will aid in replenishing gut flora and restoring healthy bacteria.