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Performance audio advertising. Launch audio ads on Spotify, Podcasts, and Digital Radio in under 5 minutes. There's no minimum or maximum budget. Advanced analytics are available. And we know this question is richocheting around in your head - so we'll answer it now: Nope! Radio isn't dead. In fact it's one of the top mediums that many agencies, brands, & performance marketers have wanted to get into - for a while - but didn't have the finances or means to. Until now. Because running audio ads is unfamiliar to a lot of folks, you should jump down our shallow rabbit hole, and check out our "Start Here" page ( where we give you an app walkthrough AND tell you everything you need to have on deck to run your audio ads. The first time you go through the app, like most new tasks, you'll be a little cautious, and it'll take you around 10 minutes before you hit publish. After that, because it's now more familiar, you'll be in and out in 3. And of course, if you have any questions, re