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Empirical Theory

Empirical Theory
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Everyone you've ever talked to about digital advertising has proclaimed themselves a ninja, guru, or rockstar at marketing. Anyone and everyone can throw some buzz words around or point you towards the latest Search Engine Land article explaining what best practices will explode your business. You know who doesn't care about buzzwords? Small businesses. They care about being treated fairly, seeing results, and ultimately growing. We're hip deep in a time when agencies spit out best practices and supposed data-driven media plans that may be great for enterprise level organizations, but fall short for your local restaurant. Digital marketing isn't a one-size-its-all industry and best practices based on data for a multi billion dollar company may not hold true for your business. PPC doesn't work for everyone. Paid social can be a total waste of money. Programmatic can drastically shoot up some CPAs. This is where Empirical Theory comes in. Empirical data is defined as originating in or based on observation or ex