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Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Rocky River, Ohio
High school sports and extracurricular activities are foundational assets that deliver life skills and teaching moments that will carry through a lifetime. DistrictWON is the premier company to reach and engage high school students, parents and administrators. DistrictWON provides the platform and is a one-stop resource to deliver integrated programs that truly make a difference for brands and the communities they serve. Purpose-Driven Marketing™ is a brand’s investment that makes a positive impact and provides a tangible benefit to the communities it serves. For DistrictWON and its partners, the ‘purpose’ of its investment is to: • Deliver much needed assistance to high school sports and extracurricular activities • Reach a ‘hyper-local’ target of youth and families • Support the brand’s goals and reinforce its commitment to the communities it serves DistrictWON brings a wealth of experience into this endeavor, with a leadership team with strong reputations in the scholastic and corporate marketing space. Th