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Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: United States, Chicago, IL
We are a strategic design firm. Multiple, Inc. is an independent design agency that works with our clients to create brand and corporate communications that deliver strategic advantages by reinforcing positive attributes and enhancing every interaction. We partner with them to research, visualize, and understand their unique challenges and opportunities, and to help them define, articulate, and communicate the things that set them apart. Our mindset. Be strategic. Help our clients identify, articulate, and solve their brand challenges. Be tactical. Actually move the needle for the people who hire us. Be beautiful. Solve all problems with style and efficiency. Our capabilities. No two clients—or the business challenges they ask us to help meet—are ever exactly the same. We partner with our clients to identify and understand their unique opportunities and characteristics that differentiate their business from the competition. Then we use our skills as strategic, visual, and systems thinkers to create brand prog