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Havit Advertising

Havit Advertising
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
A WORLD WHERE CREATIVITY AND STRATEGY LIVE IN PERFECT HARMONY? THAT’S HAVIT. We know it takes more than a slick-looking page to deliver remarkable perception-changing results. It takes a top-notch creative strategy that emerges from an unshakeable business strategy. This superglue bond between creative and strategy means that the campaigns are tighter, perform better, and deliver results that will influence your key performance metrics and bottom line. With our unique client roster to back us, and our diverse marketing know-how to guide us, Havit understands what it takes to not only build complex brands from the ground up, but also give them what they need so they can continue to flourish. We have an enthusiasm that’s infectious, and a work ethic that’s unmatched. We are doers, involved in our idea every step of the way- from the second it leaves our racing heads to the moment it touches a person’s hands. We are the kind of guys and gals who can rattle off ARPU’s and CTA’s in our deepest REM sleep at night.