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Social Bump

Social Bump
Company state: Looking for business partners
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Headquarters: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
Social Bump is a social network management team that administrates and grows the social media presence & revenue of brands & businesses throughout the world. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every business needs to advertise, and where you advertise is everything. Whatever your product or message is - you want to get it in front of as many people as possible. The old ways of advertising, like television, radio, and newspaper - these get your ads our there but to a very small amount of people and with very little control as to who those people are, this is where Social Bump comes in. We get your ads out there on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook alone has over 2.3 billion active monthly users, in-fact Facebook takes up 22% of internet time for most Americans. Not only are most people on Facebook and Instagram, but you can target your ads to get in front of the right people who would be the most interested in your product. whether you are a franchise developer looking for qualified franchisees, a t